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Sabrina Raaf 7.4 - 14.5 2006

Sabrina Raaf: 7.4 - 14.5 2006

Sabrina Raaf works with several different techniques and methods. At first glance, the design and construction of the machines are fascinating, but one soon realises that there is always a concept behind them that is equally important.

The machines never work with full autonomy and always require some kind of input or interaction from the audience. One certainly feels that Raaf enjoys the work involved in constructing the machines, and that they create something in themselves, but it is the intersection where audience and machines meet that is crucial for her art.

At Mejan Labs we are showing her piece Grower, which involves a sensor measuring the level of carbon dioxide within the gallery and transferring this information to a robot that paints a graph on a wall. The result illustrates the CO2 level changes, whilst simultaneously creating a machine-made minimalist painting.

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Published 20090211
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